Welcome to Timber Ridge Carving Company!

Timber Ridge Carving Company specializes in providing quality, reproduction stocks for military weapons.  Our stocks are 100% American made and hand finished to 95% allowing for final inletting, sanding, and finishing by our customers.  Our stocks have been locally produced for over 40 years and have been used in major motion pictures, by detailed reenactors, national champion musket and blackpowder skirmishers/teams, and as display pieces in museums and collections around the world.  

We provide all base model stocks in straight grain, slow growth, American Walnut, but we can provide select grain or specialty woods upon request. 

Timber Ridge Carving Company also offers special handcrafted, unique, locally produced woodcrafts and carvings by our artesans here in Appalachia.  Note that these crafts are one-of-a-kind items and never mass produced so our inventory continuously changes. 

Email us today at: sales@timberridgecarving.com

At TRC, we due business with old school ethos and quality.  We accept cash, check, money orders, cashiers checks, barter, silver coin, and now PayPal.